Fake86 finally updated, and site redone.

It's been a long, long time since I have updated this website and well over a year since a new version was released. I have not been neglecting Fake86. I've been working very hard on it, and I'm finally satisfied enough with the results that I felt it was time to share what I've done. I have also deleted all of the old posts and old versions that were here before. Additionally, I am in the middle of creating a wiki for Fake86 that will have installation instructions, usage help, detailed tech notes, tutorials and more.

About 80% of the code has been totally rewritten since last July's release of v0.11.7.22. The code has also been reformatted to look a bit more professional, and it is much cleaner. I have made countless bug fixes, tweaks and improvements - to the point that the old code base was a bit embarrassing to still keep available. I haven't even bothered to make a changelog from the last release due to the sheer number of modifications. :)

I now also have a Fake86 page at Sourceforge, and download links here will from now on redirect to the download pages at SF. The code is now also available from there via git.

As far as the changes since last year, well where to begin? Here's a quick rundown of the current features:

Head on over to the downloads page to grab a copy of the latest version!