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Thread: Introduce Yourself Thread

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    Introduce Yourself Thread

    Hello everybody. my name is adam and i like the developers of fake86. they let me hang out with them while they discuss code. i like computers too and i have a smart phone. looking forward too meeting you all and participating in the discussions.

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    Tor here, (over from the VC forum), just downloaded v0.11.6.14 and imported it into a git repo in case I would want to post any diffs (mind, I haven't even looked at it yet - will start testing as soon as I get free time again). Looking forward to this!

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    w00t. welcome Tor... yeah i'm interested to see just how far this program can go.

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    Hi there! I'm Benjamin and have been following Fake86 from VC forum, my objective is to make Minix 1.0 and IBM PC/IX work on it. will post any related follow ups on this two systems.
    also looking forward to contribute and participate.

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    hey bengo. PC/IX does actually boot, but you cant really do anything else because the kernel uses direct port IO to talk with floppy and hard disk controllers. fake86 is currently only emulating the disks at the BIOS level by intercepting int 13h. so, it oughta work completely if the controllers are properly emulated.

    that's something i would definitely like to see soon.

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    Hi, I wish you ghood luck for your project

    Hidi ho !

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    Quote Originally Posted by xbrain View Post
    Hi, I wish you ghood luck for your project

    Hidi ho !
    thanks for the support, i'm glad to see some interest in it. it's not exactly at the level of DOSBox yet, but i hope eventually it'll get there!

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